One of my mother-in-law’s favourite chocolates are mozartkugeln. If you’re not familiar with these chocolates they’re a truffle made of pistachio flavoured marzipan and nougat, covered with dark chocolate.

For her birthday this past weekend I set out to make a cake inspired by these flavours.

I was fortunate enough that my Dad had been to Germany this past fall so I had a stock of some German baking ingredients – marizpanrohmasse (like the almond paste you can buy here in Canada but a bit looser and easier to work with) and some nougat.

Making the cake:

I used a white sponge recipe from a German cookbook that I have that uses orange juice for some subtle flavour. Once baked and cooled cut it into 3 layers.

Making the pistachio marzipan:

Knead together the marizpanrohmasse and crushed pistachios. Add icing sugar as needed to keep it from being too sticky. Knead until smooth. Divide the pistachio marzipan into 3 pieces. With two of the pieces roll out thin circles the same size as the cake.

Making the “mozartkugeln”:

Cut 12 small pieces of nougat and round into small balls (about the size of a small marble). Set in the fridge to firm up as they will become quite soft in your hand. Take a small piece of the remaining pistachio marzipan and flatten into a round disk. Wrap around one of the nougat balls and round into a smooth ball. Repeat for the remaining nougat balls. Dip each ball in some melted dark chocolate. Set aside to decorate the top of the cake.

Assembling the cake:

On top of the first layer of cake spread the left over nougat. Top with the second cake layer. Top with whipped cream. Put one of the pistachio marzipan circles on top of whip cream and cover with another layer of whipped cream. Add the final cake layer and top with a final layer of whipped cream. Add the second pistachio marzipan circle to the top. Cover the entire cake with chocolate ganache and decorate with the “mozartkugeln” and garnish with some chopped pistachios.