Okay, so this is not so much a recipe…..more of an example of one of my fav pizzas that we enjoyed for dinner tonight. I made a pile of caramelised onions last week so we could enjoy them with this ‘n’ that and they taste SO good on top of pizzas.

This very delicious pizza is topped with sweet, soft prawns (large shrimps in the U.S), smoky, spicy chorizo sausage and caramelised onions. Prawns and chorizo go so well together, they are like husband and wife (happy ones!) and if you like them both but haven’t tried the marriage you really should, I promise you won’t be sorry.:)

1 pizza base

pizza sauce

mozzarella (or a pizza cheese blend

small, raw, fresh, deveined prawns (large shrimps)

1 smoked chorizo sausages

caramelised onion

fresh coriander (cilantro)

mesclun to garnish

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