My brother quit chocolate. He’s doing really well for his first-ever New Year’s resolution. My mum has been trying to convince him that perhaps a better resolution would be to eat all things in moderation and that a little bit of chocolate on occasion would be okay – especially the good kind like raw cacao or dark chocolate. So I decided to try this recipe to see if he would budge. 

There’s two parts to this recipe. First, make your nut butter.

I baked 1.5 cups of almonds and cashew nuts and then blended them with 4 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Getting to a smooth consistency. 

This will take a bit of time in your food processor, so have some patience as it took me about 15 minutes to get it to a spreadable consistency. I added a tablespoon of coconut oil each time I paused to scrap down the bowl.

Next part is to make your chocolate. You’ll need:

* 1 cup raw cacao powder

* 1 cup coconut oil 

* 3-4 tablespoons of brown rice syrup (or your preferred sweetener)

I found that 1 cup of coconut oil made my cacao mixture too runny. Next time I will half it and see how it goes. Combine together with a mixing spoon or fork, and then ladle out half of the mixture into mini cupcake tin lined with papers. Pop it in the freezer or fridge for 10-15 minutes, then spoon the nut butter into the papers and spread it out. Freeze again for 5-10 minutes, then finally, pour the rest of your cacao mixture on top to cover. Freeze for another 10-15 minutes and you’re done!

Cacao mixture – slightly too runny? 

And nope, my brother didn’t budge!