ok, so this week’s post is about something that just happened in my kitchen last week – baking failures! i had two epic baking fails which nearly had me in tears and was about to throw the whole batch of deflated french and italian macarons into the bin. But…i just couldn’t bring myself to throw them out (because they were awesomely delish, and i spent so much time and effort into making them, not to mention the expensive ingredients!) so after my little children rejected them for snacks also, i had another little idea about how i could salvage them and up-cycle this misfortune.

I dried them out in the oven at 100 degrees for about an hour or so (similar to the drying process of meringues) and once they were totally dry and crunchy texture, I popped them all into the food processor and pulsed them until i got a mixture of varying sizes from fine grain to chunky pieces. i sifted the batch and separated to two sizes out and voila, i managed to get some pretty awesome tasting and looking cake and cupcake toppers to use for my next few creations.

there are always ways to salvage baking failures if you are determined to go through a few extra steps like i was, from making cake pops with cake cut offs, or slightly undercooked cakes which sink in the middle or to now these macaron fail cake crumbs which look awesome as cake decor. so don’t ever feel disheartened or frustrated when things go wrong in your baking, because every failure brings new learnings and occasionally these awesomely unexpected outcomes.

checkout my two uses of my macaron crumbs this week.

the result of up cycling my failed pink macarons
i used the grey failed macaron crumbs for my cement rubble cake and the effects were amazing