I wanted to share with you some little tips on how you can accessorise your cakes beyond sprinkles and silver balls. In fact, with a little time and imagination, you can really create beautiful customised toppers for cakes and cupcakes at a fraction of the cost of buying them at the shops. I recently made a few DIY toppers for my twins party cupcakes and a beautiful cake topper for another kids birthday cake and they turned out beautifully.

Cake Topper: I sandwiched some colours melting moments biscuits onto a stick and stamped ‘Happy Birthday’ on a tag and made colourful toppers to go onto of my “my little pony’ cake. You could probably use the same technique for any other type of cookie or macaron and add ribbons and paper designs to add more prettiness.

Cupcake Topper: Another technique is to use your favourite stickers to place on little paper cutouts (i used a paper punch), glue them together with a toothpick and set to dry. You can make a whole bunch of these for themed birthday cupcakes. an easy way to turn any cupcake into a favourite birthday theme. No printing or customised toppers needed.