I like to cook. I grew up working in a kitchen with my sisters because our parents got us to work pretty much as soon as we could walk. They owned a Chinese restaurant back in the 80’s in Sydney. I learnt a thing or two about heating a wok up, and washing dishes – both skills I’m going to make sure my kids master. I stopped cooking for a long time after I finished uni and started working. And only really started again after we had the kids. Nowadays I do a lot of stuff with the oven. I like to throw something in, leave it and come back to it all done. Easy. Less frying and oil – more roasts and bakes.

This is a gem of a recipe. It was made famous by Bourke Street Bakery – a little bakery that first opened in Surry Hills, Sydney back in 2004. They do what they do really well and have become a bit of an institution, now with a slew of bakeries across Sydney.

Over the years I’ve tweaked this recipe to mine and the family’s liking. Fennel can be a little strong for the kids so you can reduce the amount as needed. In this batch I’ve left it out completely, along with the thyme and garlic as I used plain pork sausage mince which is already flavoured. For the original recipe, see below.

You can mix up the pork mince – I’ve done a half sausage mince, half regular pork mince before, and regular non-sausage mince. You can also make them bigger or smaller depending on who (or what) you’re making them for, and I like to add more bread crumbs to make them lighter and fluffier.

I do a big batch bake of these and freeze them so we can have a little taste of Oz when we please. These are a crowd pleaser – for both adults and kids as they are perfect size for little fingers to grab and devour. The hidden veggies are a win too. These are really good for bringing along to any potluck get together, but be ready to share the recipe as I promise you’ll be asked for it!



Here’s the original recipe from the Bourke Street Bakery – The Ultimate Baking Companion cookbook



And here is my adapted version…

Ingredients: (this batch made 52 little sausage rolls)

  • 4 stalks of celery
  • 4 medium carrots
  • 3 large onions
  • 150 g breadcrumbs
  • 1 kg plain sausage mince (I get the plain Aussie BBQ sausages from the Aussie Butcher in Singapore and deskin them)
  • 3 Tbs worcestershire sauce
  • 6 Tbs tomato sauce (can add more if you like it tangy)
  • Puff Pastry (I used 6.5 sheets of pastry for this batch)
  • Egg wash (2 eggs, beaten)

What to do:

  1. Whiz the celery, carrots, onions in a food processor until finely chopped. 
  2. Cook the above in your skillet or frying pan until softened then set aside to cool and season to taste (remembering you’ll be adding seasoned sausage mince in once cool, so don’t over season). 
  3. Once cooled, add in your mince and using your hands, mix it all together until well combined.
  4. Add your breadcrumbs and combine. 
  5. Get your pastry sheets out to defrost a little – I do these one sheet at a time as Singapore is very humid and they can get hard to handle once defrosted. 
  6. Cut pastry into two halves, so you have two equal rectangle sheets. 
  7. Spoon mixture onto each sheet in roughly the middle of the sheet to form a log. Don’t overfill otherwise you won’t be able to wrap. 
  8. Gently lift up the pastry edge closest to you and roll over your log away from you so it covers the log. Dip your brush into your egg wash and brush the edge just where your pastry will meet and then close up the log so the pastry overlaps, creating a seal. 
  9. Cut each long log into smaller sizes depending on how big you want each individual sausage roll. I made the ones in this batch about 1.5-2 inches long. 
  10. Now brush the top with more egg wash and score the top with a knife. 
  11. Once your tray is full, place in your preheated oven at 180C and bake for 30 minutes until golden brown. 
  12. Serve with tomato sauce. 

Veggie & onion mix cooled and breadcrumbs added

Rolled and cut into smaller size, ready to egg wash, score and bake. 
Scoring process
Scoring and egg wash done
Serve with tomato sauce for a real Aussie treat
Light, fluffy with hidden veggies.