I cook dinner every Sunday pretty much. The kids or my wife usually pick the fare. The usual rotation goes something like; tacos, roasts, tonkatsu, pasta, Cantonese style dinner with a few dishes and steamed rice. But once in a while, they will say to me – “Dad what do you feel like?”. Last Sunday was that day….

If I could eat one thing that I used to eat back at home in Sydney here in Singapore – it would be a good kebab. In fact, I wish I could eat a good one in Sydney each time we go back to visit. But no. Unfortunately Sydney has turned into my living nightmare. Last October we made a trip back and I went in search of the elusive kebab. I walked all around Bondi Junction searching for a kebab shop but ended up with, as a last resort – a gluten free sausage roll from the food court in the mall. Why? Because there are NO KEBABS IN BONDI JUNCTION. Have all the kebab shops been taken over and turned into organic juice bars and gluten free cafes that serve decaf, fair trade coconut lattes with baked quinoa and goji berry muffins?

Has Sydney become too hip for its own good? Bring back the KEBAB!

And so I tried to create my own Greek Chicken Kebab on a taco. Here’s the original recipe from BBC Good Food.

Skewer the marinated chicken thighs and rest on top of your pan
Ready to go in the oven at 200C
Heat up soft tacos on a warm griddle
Cut up the chicken

I made a garlic yoghurt sauce to go with it, along with some guacamole and served with some lettuce, tomatoes and cheese for the kids to wrap. My wife likes jalepenos so she threw some into hers.

For the sauce I used the one from Hairy Bikers blog here. Increase the proportions as needed if you’re feeding more than 4 people. The key is to make sure the tacos are warm when served. Once you’ve heated up a batch, keep them covered with a tea towel to keep warm.

Chicken Kebab
Chicken Kebab
Add some more lettuce and wrap. 

Easy Sunday dinner sorted. Bit of a fusion meal – I got my kebab, the kids got their tacos and my wife got her jalepenos.