This one’s for all the dads out there who’ve ever had to turn to a meat pie in times of need. The dads who’ve come home to a meatless Monday dinner (sorry, I don’t do meatless, I need my meat), or the dads whose kids have eaten all the dinner set aside for them when they are late home from work. Actually, it’s for anyone who’s ever eaten a frozen meat pie and gone “yuck”. You know the ones I mean – they taste processed, and well, you know, frozen.

I have discovered the best frozen meat pie this side of the Indian Ocean. And it’s called Dad’s Pies.

What started off as a humble pie shop in Red Beach, Auckland New Zealand has now become a pie-nomenon. These pies are fresh (even though they are frozen), chunky, full of flavour and taste just like a good old fashioned meat pie before they became gourmet. And I am so glad they are now available in Singapore. They come in a range of fillings but I’ve only had the Angus chilli beef and cheese. Haven’t had the chance to try the other flavours as they are either not stocked here or are always sold out! 

Do yourself a favour and try these. Seriously good. 

Here’s my late night dinner attempt at adding some good stuff to accompany my Dad’s pie.