We are huge pizza lovers in our house. HUGE. Over the years, my wife has tried various pizza dough recipes – her tried and true recipe a basic everyday one by Jamie Oliver which you can find here. This year, she upped her game a notch and started experimenting with sourdough pizza using the leftover bits of starter from her bread baking. The flavour of the sourdough pizza bases are really something – but we’ve been struggling with baking times and getting our oven up to heat for each subsequent pizza baked after the first one comes out. We’ve never owned or invested in a pizza stone – so I decided to do a bit of research to see if there was anything out there, that would help us make better pizzas.

I found the Baking Steel and decided to give it a shot. It was only after we got back from our holidays in Oz a couple weeks ago, that we finally had a chance to crack this guy open.

It’s pretty heavy and not for the weak at 6kgs!

It was our first weekend back in Singapore and our pantry and fridge were pretty empty. Sunday is my cooking day and I wasn’t in the mood for a lot of prep so decided to do the thinkable and get store bought frozen crusts. Hey – there’s a time and place for everything in our kitchen!

Grabbed a couple of these with a few creations in mind – a ham and pineapple, salami, garlic prawn, and a veggie one.

Now the steel needs to be preheated for at least an hour – I only gave it a 30 minute preheat but it seemed to work fine. I have to say that it produced amazing crispy biscuit-like pizzas. And in a lot faster time than our regular bake times too. Even with our usual par-baking of our pizza bases.

Here’s a look at the bases before and after.

And a finally super supreme with all the leftover topping. We had so much leftover topping that I had to duck down to the shops and grab another frozen pizza base to use up the ingredients. Cold leftover pizza is always a good thing to have in the fridge, right?

Overall, the steel did a pretty good job at baking the pizzas evenly and in a lot faster time, producing a cripsy biscuity base I’ve always wanted to achieve. Now the real test will be to use this baking steel on my wife’s sourdough pizza bases and see if we get better pizzas.