I am currently visiting my parents who live in Queensland, Australia. It is a fantastic place full of exciting ingredients like macadamia nuts (excellent with white chocolate) and fresh mangoes, pawpaws (papaya) and HUGE, juicy sweet Queensland strawberries.

My sister is here as well. which is making this trip even more special. We love to cook and bake together and we plan on experimenting with different recipes which really high-light the fresh produce available.

One of my parents friends is also a very keen baker (his pumpkin curry and sponge cake are to die for). He has very kindly lent me his grandmother’s cookbooks while I am here. Browsing through the pages I am delighted to see a wide range of traditional Aussie treats including Pumpkin Scones, Neenish Cakes and Damper.

I am looking forward to making some of these dishes with my family and friends down under. For me this is what baking is all about. Sharing baking traditions, family favourites and enjoying time spent in the kitchen together.


‘Two Hundred Years of Australian Cooking’, by Babette Hayes ¬© Thomas Nelson (Australia) Ltd. 1970

‘Australia Home Cookery’, by Ideal Home Library¬© Hazell, Watson and Viney Ltd.

I will be looking for these books upon my return to the UK!

Cookbooks passed down through the generations


Well used and much loved. This recipe for Grandma’s Gramma Tart Pumpkin Pie is a favourite


Anzac Biscuits are amazing but the jury is out on the Anchovy Straws