Who doesn’t love snacking between meals? I usually do it with a savory toast, and here’s to you a list of my favourite by far!

1. Avocado toast, with radishes and purple radish sprouts, on rye bread (my favourite!) Honestly, I would recommend skipping the sprouts if you don’t love bitter flavours too much!

2. Avocado toast (again), with rye bread, sliced cucumber, flax and pumpkin seeds and black sesame: super fresh!

3. The elegant one: rye bread, ricotta cheese, smoked salmon and fresh dill (thumbs up for my newborn dill plant!). Tip: work the ricotta cheese with salt, pepper and all the herbs and spices you want, it will be your favourite custom cheese cream!

4. Rye bread, plain greek yoghurt (worked with pink salt and green pepper) and a lot of radishes! Super crunchy and refreshing!



5. My favourite: rye bread, plain greek yoghurt, thinly sliced carrots and radishes, with fresh dill. Super cool!

6. The patriotic one: rye bread, green basil, white ricotta cheese and red cherry tomatoes, for a super tasty italian flag!

          Which one is your favourite? Enjoy them all!