This is a bit of a celebration post because I think I’ve made it over the hump (being Wednesday and all). Those of you who have followed my sourdough starter story this past week will have seen all sorts of furry stuff growing on my starter (the mother starter being a 4 year old frozen nugget).

Two things have happened since yesterday. Last night before going to bed, I decided to check on my starter. I noticed more of a bubbly network within the starter, so decided to feed it to see if I could avoid the mould situation this morning. It had a lot more bubbles than when I fed it yesterday morning so I was sure in my mind that if I had left it, it would get gruesome again today. Second, I went back to my PDF of Dan Lepard’s The Times Sourdough article (circa 2012) for more advice and it says that after about a week of doing the 75grams / 100ml water feeding, one should invert the quantities. Perfect timing.

Here’s how it looked yesterday morning – furry mould had once again grown overnight.

Day 8 Morning – furry mould. 
Day 8 Morning – small network of bubbles underneath the layer of mould
Day 8 Morning – freshly fed (75 grams rye flour, 100ml water)

Here’s how it looked last night (approx 12 hours later – this versus the 24 hourly feeds I’ve been giving it the past week). 

Day 8 Evening – no mould yet, but a couple of tiny bubbles visible from surface
Day 8 Evening – small network of bubbles formed after 12 hours
Day 8 Evening – you can see the network of bubbles within as I stir the starter
Day 8 Evening – post feed 75 grams rye flour, 100 ml water

Fast forward to this morning and here’s why we celebrate – no mould!

Day 9 Morning – no mould 

Ok, maybe if I had not fed it this morning we might have seen mould. But here we are with a lovely more developed network of bubbles.

Day 9 Morning – yeasty goodness
Day 9 Morning – post feed 75 grams rye flour, 100 ml water

So today I kept a small portion of this bubbly network in a separate jar to chill in my fridge. This will come in use if I need to top up my starter or get a new one going again in the near future.

Day 9 – kept some in fridge for later use

I’ll feed my starter again tonight and invert the proportions.