It’s been a busy few days so I’m doing some double posting to catch up.

Day’s 2 and 3 of this process didn’t bring much bubbly yeast, just mould! Maybe it’s the current humidity in Singapore we’ve got going, or perhaps it’s the starter not feeling too well after being frozen for ages…?

Day 2 – we start to see some fluffy cloudy pale white mouldy substance on the right and left of the jar.
Day 2 
Day 2 – removed 4/5’s of the mouldy starter, and added 75g rye, 100ml water with a good stir. 
Day 3 – Gah! Very visible mould forming…

I know Day 3 looks disgusting, but I keep doing what I believe I’m supposed to do and scrape out the mould emptying about 4/5’s of the starter and then added a fresh 75g of rye flour and 100ml of water.

Day 3 – freshly mixed

This process is definitely a practice of patience – so I persevere. It has taken me a good 7-10 days in the past to get my starter back to bubbling so let’s see how we go.