As it turns out, good intentions go astray when you have a lovely dinner with an old friend in town for a few days. Getting home late means forgetting to feed my starter, which meant – you guessed it, a layer of fluffy mould on top this morning. Gah!

It was starting to look perfectly bubbly last night before I went out. Here’s proof:

Unfortunately the late night got the better of me, and here it is this morning:

Day 10 Morning – not as bubbly as last night, but still bubbly. 
Day 10 Morning post feed – 100g rye flour, 75g water

Nothing a good feed won’t fix now that I know this starter is on it’s way to being OK. I inverted the portions to 100g rye flour and 75ml water. I also took the discard out and added it to my jar of discard from yesterday in the fridge.

I am putting the mould down to humidity and too much time between feeds. If anyone has any other ideas, please comment below!

Let’s see what happens with the inverted quantities tonight.