It can be a totally messy affair. But who doesn’t want to throw the kids in the deep end and teach them a life-long skill which you know they will appreciate when they’re older?

Misha (7), Ella (8) and Skye (9) enjoying the fruit of the labour. 

My sassy girl recently learnt how to whip up some easy flatbread and kecap manis chicken satay. A girlfriend of mine – Steffles (also known as asked Sassy if she’d like to join her girls Skye and Misha to film the final episode of her YouTube series on Fitness and Food. Sassy of course said YES and was super excited. She had a great time with her besties filming the kid-friendly 7 minute workout and cooking up a storm in Stef’s kitchen.

Stef is an amazing cook, baker, and a super woman. She juggles the demands of work and family while combining her twin passions of food and fitness to inspire other women to #gettheirsexy via her easy workouts and simple recipes.

Both these recipes can be found on Stef’s blog along with a ton of other yummy, healthy recipes.

First, the girls made the flatbread.

Skye knows this recipe off by heart now and loves making it. 
Patience and sharing with two rolling pins!

Easy Flatbread with Herb and Garlic Butter


  • 350g Self Raising Flour, plus extra for dusting
  • sea salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 350g natural full fat yogurt


  1. Combine ingredients into a mixing bowl. Using a spoon or your hands, bring it all together into a shaggy dough.
  2. On your flour dusted surface, tip the dough out and knead for 3 minutes into a smooth dough.
  3. Let dough rest in a flour-dusted bowl and cover with tea towel for minimum of 30 minutes.
  4. When ready, roll dough out onto your flour dusted surface and divide into golf ball sized portions. Get the kids to pat down the dough then roll out with a rolling pin.
  5. Score each flatbread gently before cooking on a griddle or frying pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes per side or until it chars up nicely.
  6. Use a knife and score each gently.
  7. Brush flatbread with garlic herb butter (melt 2-3 tbs unsalted butter + 2 cloves garlic finely chopped + 2 tsp of parsley or any other herbs you like).
The garlic herb butter finishes these so well! Photo thanks to Steffles. 


Now for the fun bit.

Kids can get their hands dirty right?

Nothing a little chicken marination won’t cure.

Skye carefully placing chicken satay into a hot oven. 
4 mins each side and chicken is done – photo thanks to Steffles as I left before I could dig in!

I was lucky enough to receive a doggy bag of leftover flatbread and chicken when Sassy came home. It was delicious. Kecap manis is Indonesian for “sweet soy sauce” and together with the garlic, ginger, cumin and lime juice give  the chicken the perfect amount of flavour for their little tastebuds.

Kecap Manis Chicken Satay – photo thanks to Steffles

Stef served the dish with her mango, avocado salsa – the bomb. And the girls created their own little tropical wraps.

Home-made goodness – served with purple cabbage, mango & avocado salsa. Photo thanks to Steffles

Get Stef’s kecap manis chicken satary recipe on her blog. It’s oh-so-simple, healthy and easy to make with the kids.

Now get out there with the kids, do this 7-minute workout and then get the kids to work with this delicious kid-friendly meal!

Thanks Steffles and girls!