Seems there is. And we’ve all been doing it the wrong way.

According to Sir Francis Galton, an English mathematical scientist, the correct way to cut a round cake is to cut in parallel lines starting in the middle of the cake. i.e. the “mathematically proper way” to cut a round cake. Can’t visualise how this works? Then watch on. Alex Bellos from Numberphile (another dude who enjoys numbers) on how we’re supposed to cut a round cake and maximise “the amount of gastronomic pleasure” when we eat it.

Make sense now? Perfectly.

Here’s to delicious, moistly kept cake leftovers!

Though I do have a question – what if you your cake wasn’t fondant covered, but naked or iced with buttercream and drizzled with caramel sauce? How would you hold the leftover cake together?

Would love to hear your tips and tricks on cutting (and storing) leftover cake.