I’ve always been a bit curious about scones. Never really attempted to bake them, even though I’ve had this lemonade scone recipe (by the wonderful Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial) bookmarked for many years. That was over five years ago when I discovered Celia’s blog and all the amazing things she bakes, and it’s taken me until now to attempt scones!

But what got me to finally try baking scones was a simple whatsapp message sent by my girlfriend Ayse with this:

I don’t usually bake with self raising flour because every time I’ve tried things don’t turn out and I give up on looking for SR flour recipes, and end up with wasted bags of the stuff. Whether that’s because of the flour or just down to a bad bake, who knows? But I thought this looks too easy and would make a great lunchbox addition for the kids.

It really is SUPER easy. They turned out exactly as Ayse promised – light, and fluffy. The key is not to overmix.

I used grated mozarella instead of tasty cheese as that’s what I had on hand. But I think it really needs tasty or cheddar to give it that extra kick. In Luna’s Cheese, Herb and Smoked Paprika Scone recipe, she advocates vintage cheddar for the added flavour.

This recipe calls for 600g buttermilk – that’s about 2 cups. No buttermilk on hand? Squeeze a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice (or vinegar) into a scant cup (ie just shy of a tablespoon) of milk, stir and let it curdle. For 600g, you’ll need two cups of buttermilk so just double what you’ve done. 

Once you add all the ingredients into a bowl, very gently mix with a fork until just combined. 

Use a spoon or your hand to scoop out small portions and drop them into rounds onto your lined baking tray. The recipe makes about 16-17 scones. Just make sure yours are consistent in size (unlike mine!), for even baking.

Pop them into the oven at 200C (preheated) and check them around the 20-22 minute mark.

They should be golden brown when fully baked.

And super fluffy and light inside.

It’s so so easy. Think I’ll give Celia’s recipe a go next!