It was my dad’s birthday on Friday and as usual I did some baking for the occasion:)

His favourite football team happened to be playing the next day so I baked my ultimate chocolate cupcakes with some blue and white swirl buttercream (representing the football team) These went down a treat and all my family and friends loved them!!

Along with the cupcakes I also made my dad a birthday cake! My dad is a plain type of person, so I made him a madeira cake with strawberry jam and fresh cream! I made the cakes on Thursday and then decorated the cake with the cream and jam Friday morning. I would usually use a sponge cake recipe for this cake but I used my homemade madeira cake recipe as it retains moisture for longer, it’s not as dry:) I also sieved some icing sugar and a ‘Happy Birthday’ stencil on top of the cake just for fun!!

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Bake well!