Please forgive me when I totally forgot to take a picture of this delicious meal before my husband and me goobled half of it.

This dish is simple yet so so delicious. For one,  nothing is fried!  All baked.

You can find this recipe on the app call – joy of cooking (note: only for iPhone users)  (I just emailed them asking to add to android) or you can find it directly at their website.

Now when I was looking through on how to make this. The first part of the recipe is having “white sauce”, what is that???!!!

White sauce is Milk, butter and flour whisk together. You need to heat up the milk first for better flavor before adding it to the butter and flour. Of course the milk has to have a bit of flavor,  so I added parsley and woncester sauce with parsley. – this is a simpler way of making the white sauce.

OK back to this dish,  you need potatoes,  spinach and salmon. That’s it. Spread the boiled potatoes at the bottom of the pan,  mix half of the white sauce in the spinach, add it on top of the potatoes,  place the salmon on top and add the remaining sauce. Bake it for 20-30 minutes. The top has to be slightly brown and bubbling at the sides. Let it stand of 5 minutes before serving!  😃

Here are two close up pictures … 😋