I love adding colors to white frosting. It makes it so beautiful to look at. This time I had an order for Red Velvet Cupcakes (one of the top request for my cupcakes) and I decided I should color it Pink and Blue. When I did that, my neighbor commented that it reminded her of my home color.. hehehe.. my walls are Pink and my ceiling is Blue.. hehe

Pink and Blue Cream Cheese

This came out the way I wanted it to come out and just look at the frosting… Isn’t this a beauty?

Now, how did I get this 2 beautiful colors to work together?  First of all,  as usual,  make the cream cheese frosting. Make sure the icing is thick enough but not to sweet and grainy. Have 2 bowls ready and place the icing into the bowls. You don’t have to be so precise about splitting them into half. Just estimate half. Then you wanna use,  pink color and light blue. For me,  I have those Wilton Icing colors set. 

I used for color Pink & Teal. 

Then I use a icing bag which is already pre-made into half. 

Now I really love this as it makes coloring two colors so much easier. The only downside is cleaning it. Making sure nothing, no frosting sticks to it. (I spend at least 30 minutes washing it inside and out) 

OK,  so anyway,  you can work with any tip you want and frost it. This was how I got the beautiful frosting. 😊