First of all, let me start apologising for the delay of my blogs. This mummy had to travel to mars and back! Hehe..  But I’m back and yes I might be travelling to another planet again before my next blog (hopefully not)  but enough talking to myself and getting on with business! (Baking)

Recently, I had a bakesale (my first ever bakesale) which I’ll blog another time about it,  but let me just say something,  I AM SO SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

OK so….. My neighbour recently had her birthday and I decided to bake a small cake (why not right!)  and since I had left over Oreo, I did a small Oreo birthday cake for her. Normally, I don’t do cakes,  I just find it too troublesome with all the frosting and perfecting the layers, etc etc. … And especially for anyone except family I don’t mind…  But I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do this cake.. So check out the pictures… And drool over it (less…. Scratch that… NO calories)

“A” cause her name starts with A!

So you see the top (the one that looks like a hat!) it’s actually Oreo cupcake made with a donut pan (smart Eh) it’s perfect for decorating your cupcakes if you don’t wanna waste your left over batter..

Frosted like twice!  Who doesn’t like Oreo! 

So anyway, after this cake, I still had so much batter that I decided to bake Oreo Cupcakes! Ahhh the joy!

Frosting – Oreo! 
Too cute don’t you agree
See…  Donuts!  (Don’t waste your batter!) 

So anyway, I hope you love reading this blog, as I loved sharing with you and making/baking these cupcakes /donuts/cake…. I’ll be back to post more (may the aliens not find me soon!)

Love,  Cynthia Shirley