Been so busy lately with my bake sale coming up (July 17) that I have not had the time to blog.

This year for Mother’s Day, I decided as usual I should bake cupcakes (I was actually not feeling so well and was warned by my husband not to bake anything but I got better and I did it anyway!)

Went to the internet and found a new recipe called Pistachios Cupcakes with Creamy Frosting. I did not like creamy frosting so I decided to alter the frosting too Chocolate Fudge with a hint of Mint! (2 of my favs)

Anyway, the outcome did not come out so well, I am guessing I put way too much batter in the holders and it didn’t bake properly. Only the top came up so well… (It is absolutely delicious) so I am going to bake this again and give it a go.. Maybe I’ll add it to my bake sale (mini ones).