So if you have been following my previous blogs,  I told that I recently baked pistachio cupcakes but it did not turn out proper. As in not baked properly. I really wanted to give it..  More of myself another chance. This time,  I did not put more batter in the cups.

It came out the way I wanted it to come out. All baked properly. Nice and not to hard and moist. I was gleaming with pride. I decided to tram this cupcake with strawberry frosting. Something that I had discussed with myself and I. (Yes, I love talking to myself) 😆

OK so anyway,  I wanted to try a new trick that I learnt from the internet. It’s using salted butter for the frosting! Now it might have sounded weird to me as first but as I read,  it made so much of sense. Icing sugar is already soooooo sweet so how do you make it less sweet and keep the flavour and thickness of frosting,  salted butter. It really made a difference in my cupcake. The frosting wasn’t too sweet and of course not salty. Try it,  you never know.

Anyway,  I decided to split the colour. Black and white. And this is the outcome of the cupcake.

Love it. Absolutely loved it and everyone who ate this. Loved it as well. Ahhhhh it really feels so good!