I’m back at it with pancakes already! I never stay on top of national (or international) food days. I only know pancake day was recently because of all the pancake related goods showing up on my feed lately. Most specifically, Cupcake Jemma’s blueberry pancake cupcakes! And after my failed attempt at buckwheat pancakes, I felt like I needed a pancake win.

Probably my all time favourite pancake recipe is The Spunky Coconut’s – Best Paleo Pancakes. They are seriously amazing and I was so excited about the idea of paleo pancakes and how delicious they could be that I must have made this recipe for dozens of people over the years. The recipe calls for eggs though, and since I don’t eat them at home anymore it’s been ages since I made them. I was curious as to whether I could make a vegan version… but with what?

The recipe calls for a whopping 5 eggs and the aquafaba community strongly urges against subbing that amount of aquafaba. But, Spunky Coconut strongly urges against using flax or chia in her recipe. So, I ended up subbing the aquafaba in and took my chances. (Also, swapping out honey for maple syrup to make it completely vegan.)

The batter had the perfect consistency and they smelled and looked amazing! It however took ages for them to cook through as they were too moist in the middle. The brilliant thing about vegan goods is that even if they’re underdone you don’t run any risk of getting sick so if things err on the side of gooey-ness it’s fine by me.

The pancakes were definitely a bit too soft in the middle and didn’t quite have the rise they usually do, but I’m confident with some more tweaking I can definitely get a passable vegan and paleo version. The flavour was so good I inhaled the whole plate with zero hesitation and it left me wishing I’d made more.

Overall they were a success. Cheers to more future vegan and grain free pancakes! The ultimate healthy breakfast 🙂