It’s been a while since I attempted vegan meringues and after trying again this week I have no idea why! The first time was a total flop, but there’s a lot of variables involved in the meringue making process and I’m sure I made mistakes on at least a couple the first time around. 

This time however, things would be different. I was determined to try my best and not hope for the best but things actually turned out to be the opposite. These were miles easier than I even remember them being and I feel like I threw them together pretty half hazardly. I was also out of parchment so things didn’t seem to start out great. 

However, my aquafaba whipped up incredibly beautifully. I can’t even express how gorgeous this stuff is. I decided to actually follow a recipe and used the basic outlines from this one, which involves about equal parts aquafaba to sugar. I didn’t use any cream of tartar. I whipped until the mix was thick and glossy as recommended. And thick and glossy it was… Much thicker and heavier than I thought it should be but what do I know! It was seriously delicious and so beautiful!

For some reason I felt super rushed getting these into the oven so I quickly scooped them up onto a cookie sheet as suggested in the recipe and used aluminum foil in lieu of parchment. 

I followed the recipe, and baked them at 100 degrees celsius for 1.5 hours. 

They puffed up into each other but it wasn’t hard breaking them apart. 

I also decided to go the extra mile and dip them in dark chocolate! To be honest though, they didn’t need it. They were the perfect texture, crisp and airy. They cooled very fast and held up perfectly over two days which is saying something in the humid weather we’ve been having in Korea these days.

These meringues were everything I could have wanted and more. I was licking the bowl clean when I made them and couldn’t stop eating them when they were finished. It’s a complete bonus that they are unbelievably simple to make and with only three ingredients: aquafaba, sugar, vanilla. 

I will definitely be making these again and can’t wait to start experimenting with vegan macarons! 

Erin xo