The ultimate classic! I actually can’t believe I never make chocolate chip cookies. I’ve only tried one vegan and gluten free recipe for them from OhSheGlows and it was delicious (everything that Angela makes is) but it tended to really pool a lot on the cookie sheet. I decided to try finding another staple recipe for them before attempting to create my own, so I stumbled upon vegangela‘s blog where I found this one. It’s actually a recipe from the Almond Board of California because it uses almond flour. With only 8 ingredients it almost seemed too good to be true! It’s incredibly incredibly simple to throw together and all of the ingredients needed are things I usually have on hand anyway.

I’m always a little confused as to how to measure almond flour because a packed cup and a scooped cup can mean quite the difference. If it’s not specified I usually just end up going the scoop method and hoping for the best. The batter came together a little loose and very sticky so I was worried the cookies would completely pool together. Not the case at all! I gently flattened each as directed in the recipe and they turned out perfectly. They browned very quickly the last few minutes in the oven but I would recommend letting them brown up a bit as now (two days later) the browned cookies have the best texture. Fresh out of the oven they are slightly crisp on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside and slightly gooey with chunks of dark chocolate. Pretty much the perfect drop cookie and is definitely a keeper! I stored them in a container after they cooled and they ended up losing a lot of their crispiness because of this but they are still amazing and I %100 recommend this recipe! I honestly would not have been able to tell these are vegan and gluten free. They’re uber rich and so gooey and yummy. I will most definitely be hanging on to this one!

Delicious cookies with just the right amount of crispiness and gooeyness! I give this one a 10/10. Here is the original recipe and instructions from The Canadian Press (photo from veganela’s blog post here)