I’ve never been a fan of apple in baked goods. I don’t know why and it may seem weird, but I think it’s a texture thing. I love apple pie because the apples are cooked until soft. But others I just can’t wrap my head around – like crispy apple in muffins? I also have this texture problem when it comes to onions. I love them soft, but crunchy? No way!

I found a market that was selling apples for cheap so I stocked up in the hopes that I could get back into juicing. When I found out I was missing an essential part of my juicer, I was left with a ton of apples. What better way to use them up than to bake!

I wanted to tackle my fear of the crispy apple in baked goods and try making apple muffins. I found a really simple recipe online (I think it was from all recipes, but I honestly can’t remember.) Anyway it was really straight forward. It called for egg substitutes so I used aquafaba, and my own mix of gluten free flours I had on hand. It also called for a mix of grated apple and cubed apple which I liked.

I used a mix of buckwheat, tapioca, and brown rice flour.

They looked simple, but smelled amazziinnggg.

Just like apple pie. I want to make these again just for the smell!

I accidentally under-baked them a little though. I didn’t account for the extra moisture from the apple. Also, since it wasn’t evenly distributed some muffins were perfectly baked while others were underdone. This one, in particular!

I still ate them because hey, they’re vegan so it doesn’t matter! I’m inspired to come up with my own apple recipe. The apples did remain a little crunchy but surprisingly I wasn’t totally appalled by it. Still, because it affects how the muffins cook, next time I will definitely be cubing up those apples smaller.

Erin xo