I think the Unicorn craze is still ongoing and I think I managed to attempt it while still on trend! Of course what started the Unicorn craze or at least added fuel to the fire was Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino. Not available in Korea, not that I would have it if it was anyway.

After the trend took off I started seeing some healthier modifications of the original or variations of Unicorn themed treats. I decided to try my hand at something healthier and unicorn themed and see what I could come up with!

It’s been ages since I’ve had a frappuccino, but when I thought of what would make a good substitute, I almost immediately thought of nice cream. Thick and creamy and sweet, I thought it would be perfect to replicate the (milkshake like?) texture of a frappuccino. Even though I’m not exactly sure of the texture myself.

Anyway! I went ahead and froze a bunch of bananas – blended them in my food processor for that creamy nice cream (with a little added almond milk to help it along) and I had a good base to add in colours. 

I decided to use:

  • purple: blueberries
  • yellow: turmeric
  • pink: strawberry powder
  • fuscia: beet powder
  • green: spirulina
  • blue: cabbage

Obviously some of these were easier than others – in Korea you can find a lot of dehydrated fruit powder or natural food colouring so I decided to give some of these a go, and for the most part they worked out well!

Blueberries made the perfect purple colour but with specks of purple from the blueberry skin. Turmeric actually made a wonderful texture but of course the flavour is a wee bit strange but not really noticeable. Pink was probably the most successful – it tasted like strawberries! Beet was a fail as the powder was sooo strong and it tasted just like pureed beets. I only wanted to use a touch of spirulina as I didn’t want a lot of green and it worked okay but the colour was pretty dull. And, cabbage was a complete and utter fail. I boiled cabbage down to get the nice blue water which I then reduced. When mixed with the banana, it turned the nice cream completely watery and changed into an odd green colour anyway.

I decided to swirl the colours together and refreeze which actually turned out to not be a great idea – fresh nice cream has such a creamy ice cream texture but when it’s frozen it turns out to be pretty crystallised. The end product seemed a lot like old, freezer burnt ice cream.

To improve this, next time I attempt it I would add something with a lot of fat like full fat coconut cream. I think together the texture would be really improved.

Oh well! There’s my attempt anyway. It’s not the prettiest, most scoop-able, or even tastiest (let’s be honest) but it was super fun giving it a try anyway! 🙂

Erin xo