I just discovered aquafaba recently from a post on instagram. Someone had made vegan meringue and it looked so fluffy and white and just like the real thing!! I’d never heard of aquafaba before and I always thought that meringue and things made with meringue were pretty much impossible to make vegan so I immediately started to investigate.

What I’ve learned: essentially aquafaba is the liquid that comes in canned chickpeas and beans. Aqua = water, faba = beans! Somehow (and the science is beyond me) when you whip this liquid it has the same texture and performs the same as meringue made with eggs. It seems unbelievable, but right after finding out about it I discovered the amazing aquafaba Facebook group which is full of so many talented people and so much inspiration! All of their beautiful creations are made using aquafaba of course and are therefore vegan. You can use the liquid straight from the can or also use the liquid that comes off of chickpeas and beans when you cook them. If it’s too liquidy you can simmer and reduce it as it’s more effective when it’s thicker.

You can also use it in baking as a binder and replacement for eggs. There are other options for vegan egg replacements I regularly use (chia and flax seed eggs, applesauce, other mashed fruit or vegetables) but each performs differently so in my experience I’ve had to pick and choose which to use depending on what I’m making. So far I’ve been experimenting using aquafaba in baked goods like banana bread, muffins, and cupcakes, sometimes in addition to another binder. The results are seriously amazing! Not only does it help bind baked goods but I feel like it helps with moisture as well. Living in Korea it can sometimes be hard because some things either just aren’t available or are very expensive. One vegan gluten free cake recipe I like uses applesauce, but applesauce is insanely expensive here! It’s easy enough to make but it takes time which is something I don’t always have. You can find chickpeas and black beans however at most big box stores or any foreign food markets. They’re a tad pricy compared to back home but it’s beyond convenient and so worth it.

I adapted an old banana bread recipe recently and it turned out so well with aquafaba! Super moist and delicious.

I also made a few new flavours of cupcakes using aquafaba and so far the most successful for me has been using the liquid from black beans. It’s sooo thick and binds the cupcakes together so nicely and makes them so moist.

The chocolate cupcakes are a test recipe which didn’t turn out as well as strawberry as you can see but they still binded together better than normal thanks to aquafaba.

Yay! One solid cupcake with no crumbing or falling apart. These were also a test for a strawberry cupcake and they were a bit too moist actually but binded together soooo well.

Chocolate was a tad drier but still binded together really well. Both cupcakes have no other vegan binders (obviously no eggs) or even fruit. Pretty incredible!

Have you ever heard of aquafaba and would you try it? 🙂