I think I’ve discovered the ultimate double chocolate cookie recipe. The original is gluten free but not vegan, so I veganized it and I was so impressed with the results. I could barely resist the cookie dough, let alone the fresh baked cookies. Double chocolate cookies hold a special place in my heart as we made them a lot as kids. This version is just as fudge-y and delicious as my Mom’s!

This recipe comes from My Gluten Free Kitchen. The recipe simply calls for a gluten free blend and no other flours, so it can very easily be made not-gluten free and obviously not vegan. The recipe for these is actually called Triple Chocolate Cookies because it involves melted chocolate as well as cocoa powder and chocolate chips. 

I also swapped the refined sugar for unrefined coconut sugar and decreased the amount because it was a little too much for me. I should note I also used aquafaba in place of the eggs. 

The cookie dough was absolutely unreal. Fudge-y and rich and so delicious! The recipe says to let it sit for 20-30 minutes at room temperature which was incredibly difficult because, well, just look at it!

My apartment is a little warm these days so the cookie dough was getting a bit glossy around the edges but it just added to it’s appeal, don’t you think?

The cookies didn’t flatten quite as I’d expected so I’d recommend flattening the dough a bit before they go in the oven. Otherwise they baked up perfectly. 

They’re rich and dense and definitely hit the spot. If you have a chocolate craving, I’d give this recipe a go no matter what your dietary needs or preferences. Even the vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar free version is amazing. 

Erin xo