A very exciting thing has happened recently in Korea and it’s the arrival of green apples! We never get them and so I was jumping with joy when I saw them at a market the other day. I had to grab a bag but had no idea what I was going to do with them.

For some reason the only thing I could think of (and not stop thinking of) was caramel apples. Green apples are awesome for this, and they’d make such a sweet and quick treat. For this recipe, I used the caramel sauce from My Fussy Eater as I wrote about in this post.

The recipe for this caramel makes a tiny amount. It was barely enough to dip one apple. Since the last time the caramel was very thick, I decided to reduce it a bit less to make it easier for dipping. However it slid off the apple much easier and did not stick as well.

I decided to make a double batch of caramel and reduce it more to make it thicker. This time it worked much better – the caramel was thick and adhered to the apple really nicely.

It did droop off a bit but once it did it left the surface really smooth. With the second apple, the caramel had sat longer so it was thicker and much more difficult to get on the apple. Even after getting it all on, the caramel was pretty bumpy.

Even so, it worked.

The caramel itself is vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free. So to be able to have caramel apples like these, it’s perfect!

I would dip them when the caramel hasn’t sat for too long (just to room temperature is probably fine.) After that, dip them in nuts or chocolate or sprinkles, and they should set up very similar to traditional caramel apples.

And they’re just as yummy!