Time for my second pizza mix review! This time I’m testing out the Authentic Foods mix, which I also bought online. I wanted to test out a different one from the Simple Mills version which was super healthy, grain free, and high protein.

This mix on the other hand resembles white flour and is made primarily of white rice flour and starches. It’s also a mix that you add yeast to and therefore rises. Of course it’s not the healthiest and also contains a bunch of phosphates and additives. But having said that, it was probably going to resemble a typical rising pizza crust a lot more than Simple Mills.

My yeast may have been a bit old as the dough did rise but it definitely didn’t double in size. The dough is a bit difficult to roll out and it’s a bit hard to get smooth edges as it’s a bit fragile, but that’s obvious I guess as without wheat the dough will never be quite as stretchy as it would be with a gluten full version.

I followed the recipe exactly and the pizza rose more in the often and really resembled a typical pizza crust.

Personally, I prefer the Simple Mills mix because the ingredients are simpler and it’s much healthier. Having said that, this one does resemble a regular pizza crust a lot more so if that’s what you’re craving this would hit the spot. 

I should also mention that this pizza crust is not vegan as it contains honey, whereas the Simple Mills one is %100 vegan and gluten free. 


  • tastes similar to wheat based crusts
  • thick and doughy texture
  • neutral flavour


  • Highly processed mix
  • Full of starches 

Not bad at all. I may not use it regularly for pizza, but I would order again to use the mix for bread rolls. Now that would be yummy!

Erin xo