Another test of paleo baked goods! As I’ve mentioned before – this is definitely what I prefer to bake (and eat) if I’m only baking for myself. I found this recipe from Chunky Monkey when searching for tiger nut flour since I just stocked up on it from a sale recently. As always, with everything I make, it starts with what I have in my pantry…

Anyway I also had bananas so this was perfect! And I loved that it’s paleo so it has no grains whatsoever, and verrryyy little added refined sugar. Just 1 tablespoon. It’s made with shortening which I thought was a little odd but went with it as I also had that on hand. Basically the bread is made of:

  • tigernut flour
  • bananas
  • shortening
  • baking soda
  • tigernut flour
  • coconut sugar

So simple and extremely healthy and quick to make! It also got me using my food processor which I haven’t taken out in a while. It made things so much easier as well – just blend everything up and pour it in the pan. I didn’t have parchment so I greased my tin with coconut oil and it worked perfectly.

I couldn’t wait for it to cool so I took it out a bit early and hence it was a little underdone. However it was still pretty yummy and after all, it’s vegan so it doesn’t really matter.

I loved how simple this bread was – no egg replacements, no flour mixes, no starches. It would have been even better with chocolate chips (albeit less healthy) however I didn’t have any on hand so went without. It was still great!

I definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’re interested in paleo and vegan desserts… And those caramelised bananas. Yum! 

Erin xo