Naked Cafe is located right in the middle of downtown. Super convenient and easy to find, it’s a vegan cafe that boasts an inventive menu including a few gluten free options I’ve never had before!

It was fun testing out some of the menu items but at the same difficult to make a decision between them. When I say they did a great job with their menu I mean it. Who is supposed to be able to decide between a Red Velvet and Hedgehog latte?! On recommendation, I opted for the Red Velvet. It was creamy and had good flavour, but unfortunately on this particular occasion it was cold. A bummer but I still enjoyed it. I also opted for cashew milk as it seems to be the newest thing right now and so far I haven’t been let down!

For the main (and, also on recommendation) I had their vegan “pulled pork” sandwich on gluten free bread. I stopped eating meat at quite a young age and pulled pork is one thing I have never had before, along with corn dogs, sloppy joe’s, etc. I was a bit skeptical as I’m also not a fan of “faux” meat products but I was told it’s a best seller and made out of sweet potato! In the interest of eating things I can’t normally have (especially in Korea) I ordered it with a side of Kale caesar salad. It was a massive sandwich served up on some decent toasted gluten free bread. It had an amazing savoury and smoky flavour and was slightly sweet and barbeque-like. Again, I have no idea what pulled pork is supposed to taste like but whatever this is, I wish I was able to eat it regularly. My sandwich was so stuffed the “pulled pork” kept falling out of it. Delish!

Also to note, my Dad came with me and had the chicken burger with a side of fries. He was really impressed and said he loved the flavour and texture. He’s not vegetarian by any means but he didn’t miss the meat at all and said he’d eat there again anytime. Win!

And for dessert (yes, of course we had some) Naked Cafe has gluten free cheesecake… In four different flavours! Original, strawberry, chocolate and key lime. We were severely stuffed so we had to get ours to go but even as leftovers hours later it was amazing. Thick, rich and creamy with a wonderful flavour. We topped ours with fresh blueberries and rice milk whipped cream and it was perfect.

The staff at Naked Cafe are warm, welcoming, helpful and so friendly. It’s an awesome space serving up delicious comfort food favourites. Highly recommended and one of the highlights of my time in Kelowna. 10/10!

Visit Naked Cafe’s website for the menu and more!

Erin xo