It didn’t take me very long to scope out the options for vegan and gluten free goods in Vancouver. To be honest I’ve had my fill of desserts in Canada but I did want to eat as much bread as possible. It’s something I’m working on making myself but I’m far from mastering it. I better be quick since it’s virtually impossible to find in Korea! The vegan and gluten free version of course… 🙂

My search quickly turned up Lemonade; a %100 gluten free bakery in the Cambie Village area of the city. Although not everything they make is vegan they do have a lot of vegan options as well as a lot of dairy free or egg free ones too. About a third of their breads are fully vegan and include sourdough, chia and flax, and rustic seed. It’s all freshly made in the bakery and they even offer to slice it for you! Normally this would freak me out but since it’s a %100 gluten free environment there’s nothing to worry about. They even have a sign on the door asking customers to be aware of this and not to bring in un-celiac friendly food.

The bakery offers a ton of treats ranging from croissants, to cheesecakes, to granola. They split up their menu based on what the ingredients are which is amazing and helps to avoid a million unnecessary questions as to what each item contains. They offer a pretty good amount of vegan and dairy free options; enough for me to try every kind of bread I can eat as well as a vegan gluten free cupcake 😉

The cupcake wasn’t bad but the bread is the showstopper and what the bakery is known for. It isn’t soft by any means but it makes up for it with serious substance. It has a bite to it and is full of flavour. The rustic seed is packed with healthy seeds and the chia flax actually tastes like chia and flax. It doesn’t have much bend to it but it has a nice crumb, beautiful crust, and like all gluten free breads I’ve tried is much better toasted. I also noticed that Lemonade’s breads are not as translucent as other gluten free variations I’ve tried. When I bake bread I notice I get more of a translucent result with more starch. Lemonade doesn’t disclose their ingredients either unfortunately (which I always read); instead bagging their bread in custom branded bags with their logo only. Knowing or not knowing didn’t matter to me in this case as it was hands down some of the best gluten free bread I’ve ever had. I particularly recommend the sourdough!

Rustic Seed, Vegan and Gluten Free

I could tell even in the short time I was in the bakery that their customer base consists of either regulars (and fans) knowing exactly what they want – usually bread, and people who are brand new to the bakery. These were the most fun to listen to as they were as eager and excited as I was at all the options. %100 gluten free bakeries are still quite rare here and I’m thrilled to see Lemonade doing so well.

Visit their website for more information!