Another thing I have never made! Croissants are what they are due to the layers of butter and glutinous dough that gives them those stretchy and flaky layers. So, pretty much everything that vegan and gluten free is not. I really wanted to believe a vegan and gluten free version could be done and I know it’s not impossible as I’ve seen quite a few gluten free croissant recipes.

I decided to give it a go and tested out the recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoe String. She recommends using a few different flour substitutes including Gluten Free Pastry Flour, Cup4Cup gluten free flour, or her own blend. As I didn’t have any of these, I had to do what I could with Bob’s Red Mill, adding extra tapioca and potato starch for softness and stretch. Or so I thought!

The dough in her photos looks absolutely perfect and folds amazingly well over her butter packet. Mine on the other hand, was incredibly fragile. So much so that it fell apart so easily it wouldn’t fold and almost melted right into the butter packet. Mayday! At a certain point, I had a dough mass which was basically just 2/3 dough and 1/3 butter.

I didn’t want to waste the ingredients I’d already used so I decided to mix up another batch of dough using a different blend of flours, and set the dough-packet-mix in the fridge for a while in order for it to set up again. The second time around it worked better, or at least good enough to have something I could put in the oven and that may be at least edible. As expected at this point, the croissants barely rose, had zero layers, and were quite dense. They were like a biscuit but in croissant form. Total fail!

They weren’t inedible but certainly nothing like a croissant should be, at all. Oh well! Every time I try something new I learn something new and this was no exception. Now to invest in a better quality gluten free blend or even better, create my own reliable blend!

Oh, and I also used two different vegan washes for these – one aquafaba and the other coconut oil. I noticed the coconut oil browned up better so I’d probably stick with that if I attempt these again. 

If anyone has any tips or tricks for gluten free pastries, I would be thrilled to hear them! 🙂

Happy baking,