I recently met a new friend who’s transitioning to a vegan diet and is getting married in August. Her Mom is coming to Korea for the wedding but she’s celiac, so she asked me about the possibility of making a small cake so that both of them could enjoy some on the wedding day! The only problem was that I was going to be back in Canada for the summer so I had to explore other options ie. making something and then freezing it. It’s been years since I’ve frozen a cake… In fact I think the only time I did it was when I froze the very first one I made with a friend of mine in the 7th grade. Yikes!

I obviously started straight away with research which lead me to discover such things as: freezing decorated cake can improve it’s texture, and cakes can be kept frozen for months without it affecting the final product (many cake companies do this to always keep them on hand when they get an order.) I was worried especially about freezing a frosted cake, but supposedly the frosting helps to seal in moisture and can actually make the frozen cake more moist!

I opted for my lemon cake as the texture is the most forgiving and it’s generally a crowd pleaser. I made two small rounds, cooled them completely (you must do this to prevent any sweating as it’ll freeze in the form of ice and can make the defrosted cake soggy) then wrapped them in multiple layers of plastic wrap and then a few layers of tinfoil.

I “glued” a bit of parchment to a cake board with a bit of icing and then also secured the bottom frozen round to the board and iced it. After I had the two rounds together, I applied a crumb layer. This is to seal in any crumbs so that when you go to frost your cake properly, none of it sticks to your frosting 🙂 Mine ended up being quite thick as I used a coconut oil based frosting and the cakes were frozen so it solidified quite quickly when it applied. It looks messy, but it got the job done!

And then just a final layer of lemon buttercream. I put it back in the freezer quickly to cool down again, and proceeded to cover it in a million layers of loose plastic wrap as well as a handful of layers of tinfoil.

And voila! Now all I can do is hope that the final result is not far from the fresh one and that it stays okay up until the special day! 🙂