If you asked me six months ago if there were any baked goods I could never make vegan (and taste just as good) I would have probably answered macarons, meringue, and souffles. That was until I stumbled upon an instagram post featuring vegan meringue. I posted about aquafaba before, since I started using the liquid straight in my baked goods. It’s been working wonders for me in that aspect (I’ve tried the exact same recipes without the aquafaba and it definitely yields a different and inferior product 😉 )

If you didn’t catch my

first post

about it, aquafaba is the liquid from a can of beans (mostly used as far as I know are chickpeas and blackbeans.) You can also make your own by boiling beans and reserving the liquid. It works as a wonderful egg substitute and can even be whipped just like meringue! With it you can make vegan meringue, macarons, marshmallow fluff, etc. I’ve been eyeing each post and recipe from the wonderful facebook


for a while now. I’ve even seen a recipe for homemade sprinkles that I’m obviously dying to try! There are so many talented people in the group and it seems there’s nothing that aquafaba can’t do.

I finally got the guts to attempt meringue last night. I didn’t have high expectations going in and I pretty much knew that it had to be too good to be true and to expect to be disappointed. Why was I thinking like that!? I’m not sure…. It’s not a great attitude to start something new but I thought there must be some secret that I didn’t know about or some skill I don’t possess. I didn’t even have any parchment paper and didn’t pick up any after work in case it didn’t work. I set everything up in my kitchen, cleared the counter, and dumped the liquid from one can of chickpeas into a bowl. I accidentally beat it for a few seconds before I realized I should take a picture…


After about a minute, it had expanded to fill almost the entire thing! To put this into perspective, I am estimating there’s about 3/4 cup of liquid from the can and I don’t know how many liters this bowl is but it’s the biggest one I own.

I thought for sure it would fall when I added the sweetener, especially since I was cheating a bit and using a liquid one (maple syrup.) I drizzled it in slowly and beat and…

Nope! Still going strong. What is this sorcery? It had expanded in size by at least 10x. I taste tested it… A very very slight bean-y aftertaste. I thought adding some vanilla would help mask it but it seemed to bring it out even more so I added more maple syrup which helped neutralized it a bit. At this point I had to throw on some shoes and run to the corner store for parchment paper. I was so excited I forgot to snap a picture before putting my meringues in the oven!

Not perfect but pretty darn good, all things considered. I was practically skipping around my apartment by now when about 5 minutes in I took a peek and….

Oh darn. I immediately consulted the facebook group. This can apparently happen when the heat in your oven is too high, so I lowered it from an already low 100 degrees celsius to 50 and tried again since I had piles of meringue still to play with. This time I couldn’t get the stiff peaks I had before but still not bad…

I checked in at 5 min… Everything fine. Again at 10… Everything fine. About 20 minutes later they hadn’t changed shape at all. They were doing good but at such a low temperature it would take ages… It couldn’t hurt to increase it just a little bit… Maybe 75? A few minutes later…

Oops. Too hot. I couldn’t resist the temptation to increase the temperature so I learned my lesson! I ate them anyway obviously. They didn’t work out clearly and are not attractive but the taste? Amazing!! Most of them came off the tray nicely and they tasted like sticky chewy maple candies with NO hint of bean whatsoever.

These trials definitely taught me what aquafaba is capable of if handled properly. I’ve never made regular meringues before so I don’t have that experience or knowledge base to back me up either. Either way I love a challenge and won’t give up until I master this! Until next time, aquafaba. I am dreaming of vegan macarons… 😀