So, this is what set me off on the hunt for another good pancake recipe. I’ve followed Cupcake Jemma for a long time now (and Crumbs and Doilies which is the bakery she runs in London.) I always drool over her treats and daydream about making vegan and gluten free versions.

Well this cupcake tipped me over the edge! Lemon cake, filled with blueberry compote, topped with mascarpone frosting, and garnished with blueberries and compote sandwiched between mini pancakes! After my recent pancake tests, I decided to make mini versions and test out this cupcake.

I wanted to stay as true as I could to the original but I ended up straying a little far. I was out of lemons, so instead I used the maple sugar I have on hand and made vanilla maple cupcakes. The frosting is mascarpone but I have vegan cream cheese on hand, so I decided to do cream cheese frosting instead. They ended up being more maple blueberry cream cheese pancake, but still delish and they look just the same! (Just kidding… Haha.)

I haven’t yet found a vanilla cake recipe that I like because I find that gluten free versions have a strange aftertaste. I think it’s due to the strong flavours already present in gluten free flours. You don’t quite get the blank slate like you do with all purpose or cake flour or any white wheat based flour. Anyway, this version was slightly better because I used the maple sugar and it gave it a little more flavour.

Everything came together super yummy, even though it was different from the original I’m still proud of myself for attempting it. And I have even more respect for Cupcake Jemma now that I’ve attempted her garnishes… Mine obviously pale in comparison!

They were delicious though and in the end that’s most important!

I can’t wait to try out more of her cupcakes 🙂

Erin xo