I recently went to a Dessert Fair in Seoul (for obvious reasons of course) but one of my main motivations in going was to see what everyone else is up to in terms of displaying and transporting their baked goods. This is all new to me and I’ve learned a lot since starting to do it but it’s all just what I’ve learned how to do on my own. Since I am a one woman show I’m always curious to see how other people accomplish these things too!

One thing I noticed was that almost all the cupcakes sold at the dessert fair (not many to begin with) were baked and sold in individual cups with plastic lids. I knew these things existed and I don’t know why but it never crossed my mind to use them. It does make so much sense though for when you need to transport cupcakes because cups are soo much sturdier and when you add a plastic lid you can help to ensure your pretty cakes stay that much more protected and secure.

Cupcake cups

This was Cupcake Story’s booth at the fair. I didn’t try one only because I wouldn’t be able to eat it, but you can see their cupcakes set out on the table in their cups.

I decided to test them out for myself the other day and picked some up at a local baking store called Bread Garden. It’s on the pricier side and depending on which location you go to the selection can be limited, but there are two fairly close to me so I like to shop there when I don’t have time to reach the main baking market in Seoul. They had three different sizes of cups with matching lids and about 5 or 6 different pattern choices. I wasn’t fond of any of them really but I went with the most neutral one. I wonder if I can find more options online?

I was confused at first if I should use a cupcake tray with these or not but I quickly realized that the bottom of the cups is very wide and flat and the papers I usually use (and my tray) are a lot more tapered at the bottom. Since they didn’t fit anyway I placed them all on a flat cookie sheet and baked eight at a time that way. I used the exact same amount of batter I usually use for my cupcakes and it was perfect!

Cupcake cups

As you can see the paper is folded at the top edge and so it sort of reinforces their strength. These are not flimsy cups! Still I was curious as to how it affected the overall result.

Pumpkin and lemon cupcakes cooling and waiting to be frosted 😛

Yum! I wasn’t keen on the pattern but it looks a lot better with the finished product.

And even better with lids! This is not my best piping work but these weren’t to sell so I wasn’t too concerned about it.

I think the lids really help to make the cupcakes look that much more polished. It really kicks them up a notch even though the piping isn’t the prettiest. The lids help to protect them so much more too so it’s obviously win-win!

And they look oh so cute all boxed up and ready to go!

I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of the aftermath because the cups actually fold out flat into a cute little personal cupcake plate! The cups themselves are lined with a very smooth coating so the cupcake doesn’t stick or pull whatsoever and holds a perfect shape! They also baked perfectly evenly (even better I think than regular papers.) The only thing I wish were different is the pattern selection but I’m going to take a snoop around online to see if I can find more options. I’m definitely hooked on these and can’t believe I never thought to use them before! They’re pricier than regular papers of course but it took so much stress off transporting them as I wasn’t worried about them bumping into each other or touching. The cups and lids keep them so well protected whereas just cupcake liners can be quite flimsy.

I’m totally sold on these cupcake holders! Not only are they adorable, they’re practical and in some ways essential? I’ll tell myself that anyway… 🙂