It’s officially winter here in Seoul! The first snowfall was last weekend and coincidentally fell on my moving day. As someone who loves change, a new apartment and new season is all I need to inspire me to create more. Not to mention having the space to do it now makes things so much easier!

I’m not over pumpkin yet (and let’s be honest I never will be) so I wanted to create at least a couple more recipes with it while it’s still in season. Also, the only place I can get vegan cream cheese in Korea stocked up a little while back so naturally I filled my fridge with it and now have enough to easily get me through into next year.

I was dreaming of a pumpkin cream cheese swirl bread so I searched for recipes already out there. Surprisingly swirl breads are quite hard to find but what I did find a lot of was cream cheese filled pumpkin bread. Adapting from my existing bread recipes, I went ahead with my swirl attempt, dolloping the cream cheese mix on the top of the bread, which didn’t result in very nice swirls however was tasty nonetheless. I realised that as the bread batter is quite thick, it’s hard to get a nice even swirl even if the cream cheese mix is of equal thickness.

So, on my second attempt I opted to instead fill half the tin with batter, then dollops of cream cheese (swirl these) then fill the rest with batter, and again dollop and swirl the top. This version resulted in a thinner layer of cream cheese topping on the top (it baked down a lot) and a thicker version similar to the filled versions I found earlier. No wonder there were so many of these recipes out there! The filling remained soft and was a nice sweet and tart surprise in the middle. 

Will get this more even next time!

Success! Lesson learned: if you can’t find something, there is probably a reason why. Baking, as in art (as I was always told by my professors) is essentially a continuous process of assimilating what already exists, as there is not much out there that hasn’t been done before. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we can take inspiration and meld it with our own creativity to make something new!