I’m addicted to recipes from Bunny’s Bite ever since trying her chocolate chip cookies – see that post here. They were so chewy and decadent, easy to throw together, not to mention healthy and as always vegan and gluten free!

I wanted to give another of her recipes a shot so I chose her double chocolate quinoa cookies! They looked amazing and the ingredients were simple which I always love and appreciate. The recipe calls for:

  • coconut oil
  • coconut sugar
  • almond milk
  • vanilla
  • almond extract
  • quinoa flour
  • gluten free flour
  • cacao powder
  • baking soda
  • baking powder
  • sea salt
  • crushed almonds
  • chocolate chips 

I had to swap out the quinoa flour for a mix of brown rice flour and sorghum, which are supposedly good substitutes, but it affected the texture more than I expected. The cookies are not meant to be flattened so I put them in the oven like this.

About half way through baking I noticed they’d barely flattened at all so I decided to facilitate the process a bit and press them down. 

They ended up looking like this and to be honest I don’t mind it! They still look delicious to me, but they didn’t have the chewiness that the chocolate chip cookie recipe had. They were a bit dense and crumbly, but the flavour was so so good. The recipe called for a touch of almond extract which really made me feel like I was eating a Christmas cookie!

Maybe a bit obvious that I pressed them but oh well! I think they still look yummy. 

Bunny’s bite posts all of her recipes and instructions on her instagram so be sure to check it out here! All of her recipes are vegan and gluten free which is amazing! She also chooses a new key ingredient for every week and posts a ton of new recipes all the time so she always has something new to choose from. 

Erin xo