It’s been a while since I brought back the book I bought from my favourite bakery – Bunner’s Simple & Delicious Gluten Free Vegan treats (that’s a tongue twister!) I’m surprised that I made it this far without trying any of the recipes! Since I didn’t get to have their brownies when I was in Toronto, I decided they would be the first thing I’d make from the book.

I am a die hard brownie lover and I have been known to eat an entire pan to myself while lying on the couch watching dramas. Bunner’s makes this a bit less-messy by baking up their brownies individually which is what I like to do to! Conveniently it also makes it a lot easier to make a smaller batch and therefore have less around to eat 🙂

The recipe calls for Bob’s Red Mill gluten free blend, cocoa, sucanat, sugar, baking powder, xanthan gum, salt, applesauce, oil and chips. As I’ve mentioned before I am not a fan of xanthan gum so I chose to skip that as well as swap out sucanat and sugar fully with coconut sugar. I don’t use refined sugar unless I absolutely have to (I’m talking to you, powdered sugar) so I don’t keep the white stuff or brown stuff for that matter around.

In retrospect, I should have replaced a portion of the sugar in the recipe with the fruit sugar I normally use or at least some maple syrup because this was just too.much.coconut.sugar. These days the kind I’m buying is quite dark and almost has a salty-bitter aftertaste. It ended up completely overwhelming the poor brownies which I’m sure would have been amazing otherwise. Oops! They looked good, the texture was good, they were chewy and dense, but the flavour was just way too bitter. I almost couldn’t eat them… Almost. 

Has anyone had this problem with coconut sugar? What, in your opinion, is the best replacement for white sugar? I can’t find a healthier alternative that really behaves the same way! If I make these again, I’d use 1/4 of the coconut sugar and replace the rest with extra applesauce and maple syrup for a healthier alternative. 🙂