I was flipping through my baking books deciding on what to make when I realised that I still haven’t made any of Bunner’s cake recipes! Bunner’s is one of my all time favourite bakeries. They’re a %100 vegan and gluten free bakery with two locations in Toronto.

When I was home last, I picked up a copy of their book and have made a few recipes from it since. I decided on Ashley’s Delight cake, which is one of her all time favourite recipes. The cake itself has mashed banana in it and is served with strawberry icing. It sounded pretty divine!

The cake had a surprisingly huge amount of sugar but otherwise I was pretty excited about how it’d turn out. The cupcakes baked up like muffins (keep in mind this is a cake recipe not a cupcake recipe and hers differ quite a lot.)

I didn’t have any strawberry jam for the icing so opted for vanilla, which was still delish!

The cake was moist, not overly sweet, with a subtle banana flavour and really nice crumb. I approve! I can see it making an awesome layer cake and will definitely return to Bunner’s recipes if that’s what I’m in the mood for. Perhaps an upcoming birthday?

Bunner’s once again didn’t let me down. I can’t wait to try out their cupcake recipes too, and more of their layer cakes for a special occasion. You can get your own copy of their vegan and gluten free baking book here.

Erin xo