Scones are officially my latest obsession these days ever since I tried out these super healthy ones. Also these days, I’m leaning toward a lower sugar, lower carb, and higher fat, higher protein diet. I just think it makes me feel my best. I’ve been changing what I usually bake since I just can’t do it as often as I do with so much sugar (even though I always use unrefined) and carbs (even though I always use unrefined and organic.) 

Having said that I was super curious as to how other vegan and gluten free recipes would turn out. When I was in Toronto last, Bunner’s wasn’t selling scones and I didn’t have a chance to have any other vegan and gluten free ones. It’s been a while since I had one (outside of Korea…) so I didn’t have any good ones to compare it to but I figured Bunner’s ones would be a good place to start. 

The recipe calls uses a high percentage of bean flours, banana, and date. I just used up the last of my dates so I altered it a bit and made chocolate banana ones. The batter came together pretty loose but was super yummy! The best thing about vegan baking is eating as much batter as you like, I swear!

They spread out a lot and were super soft and fluffy – nothing like the previous ones I’d made. 

Because I didn’t have dates, I decided to top each with a little banana. The recipe also uses A LOT of cinnamon, so they ended up being banana-chocolate-cinnamon which I have no complaints about.

They actually reminded me a lot of banana pancakes, both in appearance and texture! 

The texture was very soft, spongey, and cake-like. To me, a scone should be a bit on the dry side, but still moist and flavourful but not so much that you can happily smear some jam on it. 

What’s a scone to you?