I bought Bob’s Red Mill buckwheat flour online a while ago and I should have listened to the reviews because it is such an incredibly heavy flour and not suitable for baking really at all (at least not in what I’d like to make.) It’s extra extra dark – even if I use one tablespoon where I usually use 3/4 cup, my batter turns darker than it would be if I used a lighter version. It’s intense!

I’ve set it aside for a while now and didn’t reach for it until tonight when I found myself with not much to eat and too lazy to go out and buy groceries. It’s still so cold here! I must have stood in front of my fridge and cupboard for a solid 10 minutes before making my way to the baking cupboard and finally deciding I could make some pancakes.

The reviews on the flour did mention it was good for pancakes (at least from what I remember), so I gave it a shot with Cookie and Kate’s recipe, swapping out the egg for aquafaba. The batter was very very dark and very runny. I gave the first one a go anyway, but the pancake completely fell apart in the pan and had such an intense buckwheat flavour I could barely eat it unless it was doused in maple syrup and covered in berries.

I didn’t want to waste the rest of the batter so I added in some sorghum which I happen to have a surplus of right now. It improved the situation but not entirely – the pancakes held together but had a weird spongy flavour and were very fragile and fell apart when cutting into them. The flavour wasn’t terrible with a ton of syrup and berries but what isn’t improved by adding syrup and berries?

Overall… Not so good. Maybe I should go back to the reviews for suggestions on how to use this flour. Or try it out in savoury recipes? If anyone has suggestions please share them!

Back to the drawing board,

Erin xo