My days left in Seoul are dwindling down now and I find myself going through the ingredients I have left (things I need to use up) and doing a lot of reminiscing. I won’t be gone permanently; just spending the summer in Canada but I’ve learned so much in this apartment and in my time in Seoul and there’s a lot I need to look back on and be thankful for – the good and the bad, everything that’s happened, and what I’ve accomplished in that time. Also, to remind myself to remember these lessons and put them to good use when I do return!

One thing I’ve had on my list for a long time is crepe cake. They’re quite popular in Korea but for obvious reasons I’ve never been able to eat one. It occurred to me since wanting to make it, that buckwheat would %100 be my choice for a gluten free crepe. I’m definitely not the first one, there’s tons of recipes out there, but I knew I’d prefer it too due to it’s rich nutrient content and binding properties. Growing up we made crepes a lot with a recipe passed down to my Mother from a friend who happened to be French. Needless to say the recipe is the real deal but unfortunately for me, it’s filled with milk butter and eggs. I already know it’s not impossible to make them vegan as I’ve seen recipes using aquafaba in place of eggs. Once more, is there anything aquafaba can’t do?

I took a few recipes that I found online and semi-combined them all to create a gluten free vegan crepe. Ingredients being buckwheat flour, almond milk, salt, coconut oil, and aquafaba. I halved the recipe as a test but then I realized that if I wanted to do a test cake I’d have to make mini crepes. So that’s what I did! I let the batter rest in the fridge while I whipped up a cashew chocolate butter from I would have rather tried almond or hazelnut, but I have a ton of cashews I need to use up so cashew butter it is! 

 On a high heat, the crepes cooked up quite nicely. They’re maybe a bit more fragile than your typical crepe while cooking, but if handled with patience you get the same result!

I didn’t realize how little half the recipe would make though, so in order to get a stack high enough to seem cake-like, I had to fold each mini crepe together, smearing a layer of chocolate butter between each one.

The crepes themselves were de-li-cious and I will definitely be hanging onto the recipe for future use. They bind together well, and have an amazing texture and flavour. The only issue is that they were a touch salty so I’d reduce that.

I was impatient so I threw it all together while the crepes were still a bit warm. It ended up being quite soft but that definitely did not affect the flavour. The cashew butter didn’t pair the greatest with it (but to be fair I’m not the biggest fan of cashews to begin with…) I think a dark chocolate nut spread would go amazingly well with the nutty richness of the buckwheat so I can’t wait to explore more options!

Either way it was a delicious and cute treat and definitely a positive stepping stone for future crepe cakes. This may just be my last day to enjoy being in my apartment and I wouldn’t have spent it doing anything else. It’s so important to do what you love and to take time for yourself. And of course, to treat yourself which you all know I do quite often!

I’m going to spend the rest of my night enjoying this cake, sipping on a big mug of tea, and being thankful for everything this place and city have taught me… 🙂