One of my friends tipped me off about tiger nuts (and tiger nut flour) luckily while I was in Canada for the summer and was able to pick some up. Snacking on the nuts themselves (that are not technically nuts) takes some getting used to but now I quite like them! They’re chewy and slightly sweet and have a nice nutty flavour. They are technically a tuber and supposedly help to suppress your appetite as well which is good for someone who is always hungry, like me! I also picked up some flour while I was back home to try out which I proceeded to put in the back of my cupboard and completely forget about until a few days ago! As it turns out, it’s expiry is coming up so I decided I must use it up.

Upon googling tiger nut baking I found a recipe for some simple chocolate chip cookie bars from Cook It Up Paleo. I was worried about using a single flour since gluten free baking always requires a combinatin of many, but I had all the ingredients for these so I whipped them up and was so impressed! The bars are chewy and sweet and held together perfectly even though the only flour in them was tigernut. I was seriously so surprised by the texture and flavour. The flour has a slightly grainy mouth feel but it could just be the brand that I used. Anyway I am definitely a convert!

Another plus about tiger nuts is their health benefits. Because they’re not a grain or a nut, they’re perfect for pale and grain free/allergy free baking. They are also said to be high in fiber, iron and various minerals. I was so completely sold on the flour at this point that I used it to create some new double chocolate paleo cookies! They’re soft, moist, chewy, sweet, and chocolatey. Hurray! My friends also raved about them and weren’t bothered by the texture of the flour. I’m completely hooked on tiger nut flour and it’s officially going to stay front and centre in my pantry from now on. I can’t wait to come up with more pale recipes!

Have you tried tiger nut flour or would you?