The summer has me reaching for non-bake recipes as the thought of turning on my oven in this heat (and humidity) makes me cringe a little! I’ve been craving a mousse or pudding and had yet to try out aquafaba for one.

Aquafaba mousse has also been all over the Facebook Group (Aquafaba Hits & Misses) which is a treasure trove of information and tips about the many uses of this magical ingredient. A few recipes have been posted along with some helpful advice, so I decided to use one of the posted recipes from Lazy Cat Kitchen.

The ingredients are so simple! Aquafaba, chocolate, sugar. and (optional) hot chili powder.

Of course I changed it slightly as I usually do, but tried to stay true as much as possible. Because I didn’t have any chocolate on hand, I made some with cocoa, coconut oil, and a little maple syrup vanilla and salt. I also used black bean aquafaba.

I couldn’t get the stiff peaks I usually do when I whip aquafaba, maybe due to the humidity? I whipped for probably 15 minutes until I got the mix to be as stiff as I thought possible and continued with it like that. It was thick and fluffy but looser than it should have been.

I let it sit for a full 24 hours and it set up really nicely with as much bubbles as I could expect from how stiff it was.

You can see some bubbling throughout but it’s still quite fine.

I topped mine with cherries and hemp seed 🙂

And some maple syrup for good measure.

It had a good texture, but it was definitely looser than what the recipe looked like. Probably due to two things: the lack of stiffness in the aquafaba, and the fact that I didn’t use chocolate and made my own.

Either way it was still delicious and I will definitely definitely be making it again! I highly recommend it for a refreshing summer dessert.

Erin xo