I accidentally bought a can of jalapeño black beans the other day. In my defense, beans are hard to find here and I think in my excitement of finding black beans at all I just grabbed the can and was on my way. Of course I still drained the aquafaba as I always do and couldn’t bear to waste it. But what was I going to do with jalapeño aquafaba?

I decided to find an aquafaba brownie recipe and spice it up a little! Literally! Chocolate and spice go well together as it is, so why not give it a try. The recipe I ended up using was from Fried Dandelions. Super simple and calls for 1/2 cup of black bean aquafaba which was perfect since I ended up with quite a lot.

The batter came together really liquid-y which made me worry as all the vegan gluten free brownie batter’s I’ve made are quite thick. Nevertheless it cooked up perfectly!

Just look at that crackly top! As usual I made some substitutions but not many.

Brown sugar – coconut sugar

Flour – gluten free flour

The recipe recommends letting them cool for one hour, but who in their right mind can wait an entire hour before cutting into brownies? Not me! And I didn’t regret it either. These were too good to wait!

Moist, rich and chocolatey but not overly sweet. The texture is almost perfect, with the edges baking up a little cake-like but still chewy. I swear these have the exact chewiness that you find in brownies made with eggs. If I had some, I would probably assume they were made with them!

I’m so so happy to have found this recipe and will definitely resort to it when I buy jalapeño black beans again. Which, by the way, did spice up the brownies just a touch and in a good way 😉

Erin xo